Easy Upright DIY Planter

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Photo courtesy FARM SHOW
Tim Hanson's DIY seeder makes it easy to get his garden in while remaining upright.

Tim Hanson says he is too old to kneel down to plant his garden, so he does it standing. His quick and easy planter makes it a snap to plant seeds of any size.

“I’ve used the planter with beans, peas, beets, cucumbers, mostly finger-size, row-crop seeds,” says Hanson. “It has plenty of room for several cups of seeds, yet lets me plant one seed at a time.”

Hanson says the planter is as simple as it is easy to make, requiring only a plastic bottle, a length of conduit or PVC tubing, and some duct tape and wire. He cuts off the top half of the bottle on a slant, leaving it about 2 inches high on one side and about 8 inches on the other side.

“I cut a tab in the higher side of the bottle about 2 inches long to fit over the tubing, leaving a short length attached at the top. After I slide the tubing over the tab, I secure it in place with duct tape and wire,” he says.

“Seeds for planting are held in the bottom of the bottle. I can pick out one or more seeds as desired, stick the end of the tube into the ground, and drop the seeds down it. Then all I have to do is step them into the tilled garden bed.”

Reprinted with permission from FARM SHOW Magazine, www.FarmShow.com.

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