CORE Launches Power Lok

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CORE’s new Power Lok™ provides landscapers with innovative and adaptive products that are professional quality with the convenience of interchangeable parts that can trim grass, cut hedges and blow leaves and debris.

Recently launched in Spring 2013, the product’s Drive Unit instantaneously recognizes the attachment and communicates operational instructions to the powerful CORE motor, ensuring optimum performance and functionality.

The Power Lok employs the same proven CORE technology used in its line of dedicated units. With performance equivalent to the rest of CORE’s suite of outdoor equipment this product is great for landscapers looking for a powerful machine that offers increased convenience, flexibility and efficiency (at a fraction of the cost of purchasing separate units). What’s more, CORE’s products are lightweight, virtually noiseless and completely emission-free.

Connecting or changing the various motorized attachments is easy and fast. Insert the Power Lok™ attachment into the quick connect/disconnect Cam-Lok™. A single turn of the Cam-Lok lever secures the attachment in place. Then insert the High-Energy Power Cell into the rear of the Drive Unit and you’re ready to go to work!

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