Best Guns to Protect Your Livestock against Coyotes

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Coyotes are usually shy and they don’t like meeting humans face to face. In the rare occasions when this happens, the coyote is not a threat to the human life and it will run away, trying to hide from plain sight. Still, when it comes to livestock and animals you keep around the house (dogs, cats, rabbits, or chickens), the coyote can prove to be a real pest — especially when they hunt in a pack.

Of course, they also eat various rodents and insects that can also pose a threat to livestock if they reproduce and attack the crops. This means that coyotes are a big part of the natural ecosystem and they shouldn’t be completely eradicated in any environment. But there are situations when you have to control the population by shooting a few animals in order to protect yours.

Most coyote hunters will use a rifle that can shoot at around 50 to 200 yards or more for this activity. And I agree with them — when it comes to coyotes, it’s important to have a small-caliber rifle that is great for long-range shooting. If you get something with a bigger caliber, you’ll punch a huge hole in the coyote and you won’t be able to sell the hide (unless you’re not planning to).

But, to make things a lot easier, below are the most popular rifles when it comes to coyote hunting. Take a look and choose your favorite!

Remington Model 700 SPS Varmint Rifle

This is a 26-inch barrel, bolt-action rifle that is available in three calibers: the .22-250 Remington, the .223 Remington/5.56 NATO, and the.308 Winchester (quite popular among hunters).  All of these calibers are great for long-range shooting and the rifle is one of the most accurate on the market.

Even more, you can shoot as often as you want without worrying about heat buildup, and the rifle allows you to mount a bipod, which is quite cool when you’re in the woods for a long time. The Remington Model 700 SPS is also a rifle that allows a lot of customization and equipment, so it’s a good choice for both beginners and advanced shooters.

Finally, I like that the Model 700 SPS has a non-reflective stock, which allows for better concealment. The stock has a soft recoil pad and a cheek piece for increased comfort, which makes this rifle easy to use and carry around.

Savage 11/111 Trophy Hunter XP Bolt-Action Rifle

Since the Savage 11/111 Trophy Hunter XP Bolt-Action Rifle can be found in 10 different calibers, you can use it for anything from long-range shooting and predator management to coyote hunting.

This rifle is perfect for beginners as it is lightweight (7 pounds, 4 ounces) and well-balanced. Even better, if you use it with a scope, it will become one of the best guns for predator hunting.It is also deadly accurate and it doesn’t take long for a shooter to get used to it.

Still, if you need some training before going hunting, I recommend getting a similar airsoft replica from Goog Gun so you won’t waste live ammunition.

Ruger American

You can’t talk about pest control without mentioning the Ruger American! I recommend the .243 Winchester because it is a fantastic rifle when it comes to open fields. It is lightweight (6 1/2 pounds) and comes with a 22-inch barrel for accurate long-range shots.

It is a bolt-action rifle, with a black matte synthetic stock and a simple design, but it is deadly for the coyote you manage to catch in your sight. Also, I like it because you can adjust the trigger according to your needs.

The rifle is equipped with an integral ring system that allows the shooter to mount a powerful scope on top. This will totally increase your chances of getting the coyote even if you’re just starting with this activity.

These are the top three rifles I like to use when I’m going coyote hunting because they are lightweight and behave admirably when it comes to long-range shooting. Still, I would recommend that you always have a powerful scope attached to any of these rifles. Coyotes are shy and they don’t like it when you come close.