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The Bushcraft Guide to Hunting Tools

“For us, hunting wasn’t a sport. It was a way to be intimate with nature, that intimacy providing us with wild, unprocessed food, free from pesticides and hormones, and with the bonus of having been produced without the addition of great quantities of fossil fuel. In addition, hunting ...

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Cast Iron Venison Recipes

This past September, I made the call to my wife, Elaine, that I love to give and she’s always thrilled to receive: “I just killed my first deer of the season. Get ready to do some butchering.” When I harvest a deer with a bow, and then Elaine and I work together to turn the meat ...


How to Cook Wild Game Meat

Wild game is richer in flavor and lower in fat and calories than domestic meat, but cooking it successfully can be a challenge. With the step-by-step instructions in Dressing & Cooking Wild Game (Voyageur Press, 2014), by Teresa Marrone, you can ensure great-tasting dishes after every ...

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