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Small Backyard Gardening

  My wife and I subscribe to Grit and Mother Earth News, and we enjoy both. I’ve had co-workers who’ve asked me why I subscribe to such magazines, considering I live 1/8 mile from a downtown area of 45,000 people and have a small yard. But then I read Our View, and I realized that ...


Keep Your Gloves On

My parents bought a small parcel of land a few years ago. Their new home doesn’t offer quite enough space for livestock beyond chickens, which my dad isn’t sold on yet anyway, but it’s plenty large enough that hauling anything from one side of the property to another is a chore. My mom ...

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Garden Crop Rotation Simplified

One of the biggest obstacles for gardeners is crop rotation. This sounds like a simple task, but when you take into account which plants are companion plants, what type of soil each needs, and try to work those into crop rotation, well it gets a little confusing. Crop rotation is necessary ...


How Colorful Vegetables Benefit Our Health

It doesn’t surprise me to learn there are medical benefits when it comes to the color of our vegetables. I love color in the food I prepare for my family and friends. My summer salads are always vibrant with different colored tomatoes, cucumbers, grated carrots and zucchini, sliced olives, ...

Cooking with Burdock Root and Stems

Burdock Status: Widespread in western and eastern U.S. and Canada Where: Open ground and gardens; occasionally sold in supermarkets, Chinatowns Season: Spring, late fall Parts Used: Taproot and immature stem In culinary terms, biennial burdock is better known as gobo (Arctium ...

DIY Root Cellars

When I built a big root cellar back in 1989, I thought I was the only one still interested in old-fashioned things like this. I realized I was wrong when a publisher approached me with an invitation to write The Complete Root Cellar Book in 2010. Since then, I’ve heard from many people eager ...


Cattle Grazing: Turnips and Other Root Crops for Livestock

Historically, man and beast alike were great beneficiaries of the turnip plant. Heck, before the 20th century, beef producers relied heavily on a steady stream of crops to sustain their herds through winter, even in a specific order of turnips, rutabagas, and fodder beets (mangels) and carrots, ...

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