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Use the ‘Right Timing’ Approach for Garden and Farm Tasks

They say that timing is everything. When we endeavor to garden and farm successfully, we are especially well served by striving to do the right thing at the right time. Best practices incorporate right timing as a key component. As a sort of New Year’s Resolution, I decided to try to aim for ...

Cultivate a Slow Food State of Mind with These Kitchen Practices

Photo by Sarah Joplin Cooking is not only a skill set but also a mindset. Slow food is actually a way of life. I used to be a workaholic with a mild eating disorder. Now I’m a cook-aholic comfortable in a country kitchen with a stocked pantry and meal planning a common train of thought. In ...

Homestead Archaeologist: Unearthing History on a Rural Property

The table on our front porch that greets you with the “Welcome to the Boonies” sign is also decorated with odds and ends showcasing items of interest that we’ve found over the years. There is something about making discoveries on the land, of finding artifacts both natural and human-made, ...

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