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Let Us Eat Cake

Some of my cherished childhood memories are based in the kitchen, helping my mother mix up myriad flavors of cakes for any number of occasions. Of course, my main role was to lick the beaters and the mixing bowl, so I wasn’t really helping. They’re marvelous memories, nonetheless.Cakes are ...

Taste Something New

Chili (version 1)Chili (version 2)Turkey ChiliPotato CasseroleKraut-Pineapple SaladLazy Daisy Oatmeal CakeMocha Oatmeal CakeDeviled Pork ChopsCajun Pork Chops1937 Soda BreadDepression Potato BreadCold-weather weekends are a great time to try out new recipes, and this Recipe Box contains a few ...

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