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Era of the Southern Hog

This article is also available in audio form.  Scroll down just a bit to find the link and enjoy listening. I get frequent emails from new Guinea Hog breeders wanting to know where they can find information about the breed. Up until now, they really couldn’t. I saw the need for this ...

The Healthy Pig

Choosing and Keeping Pigs (Firefly Books Inc., 2009), by Linda McDonald-Brown is an expert guide for anyone interested in keeping pigs. The book details everything readers need to know about caring for and keeping a pig, covering topics ranging from housing to health and habitat management. The ...


Finding Your New Farm Home

When my partner and I began our search for property, we were looking for an escape from suburbia. We weren’t sure what we were looking for, but we knew our days of competitive lawn care and comparing corporate jobs were numbered. Over the next year and a half, there were some promising leads ...

Raising Pigs on a Small Scale

Conventional wisdom says that it is not cost-effective to keep a boar unless you have five or six sows. Based on our experience, however, I propose that this really depends on the availability and price of piglets, the availability of a boar (if you already have a sow), how much food you can ...

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