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How to Start a Homestead Orchard

Fruit trees can add beauty and produce food for your homestead. Living on a homestead means you are trying to be self-sufficient and produce your own food. One way to do this is to create an orchard that will give you fruit or nuts to enjoy year after year. However, when deciding to develop ...


How to Prune and Weed Your Home Orchard

There’s no end to the benefits of planting fruit around your home: you have unlimited access to a fresh supply of produce; a bountiful landscape in your own yard and neighborhood; and an ecosystem ready for pollinating bees and delightful songbirds to visit. That’s not to say that a home ...

An Orchard From a Single Tree

At some point in your childhood, I hope, you ate an apple and hit upon the idea of planting the seeds. Most such experiments stop at the paper-cup stage, but if your tree survived long enough to bear fruit, you probably noticed something strange: the seeds from that Golden Delicious apple do ...

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