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The Un-Ordinary Life of a Farmer’s Wife

From the author's experience, farmers typically spend more time "on their dirt" than with their wives. Photo by Lois Hoffman A farmer’s life is anything but ordinary. There is never a schedule; no plans for anything. The weather dictates chores of the day; he dabbles in welding, forging, ...

A Way with Willow

Willow farmer and artist Howard Peller not only grows 100,000 plants in more than 100 varieties of willow on his 140-acre farm in Roseville, Ohio, but he crafts and builds with the willow as well. “Farming willow and making baskets and other woven objects exemplifies the way I personally ...

Gamify Your Farm Chores with Visual Lists and Apps

Working with my lambs is one of the best jobs on the farm. Photo by Keba M. Hitzeman If I don’t write it down, it most likely won’t get done. I’ve always been a list person, trying to keep track of all the things I need and want to do in a given day on the back of envelopes, in ...

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