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5 Essential Cost Savers to Boost Home Self-Reliance

The road to a more self-reliant lifestyle is a journey and if you are like me, you feel that although you may never reach 100% self-sufficiency, you will strive to become more so each day, month and year.  Here are some suggestions for things to help you along to becoming a more ...

Create a Home Canning Pantry That Works for You

If you're anything like me you might be somewhat limited on your space. We have six people and live in a 1,500-square-foot home. I'm not complaining one bit about its size but sometimes, I do need to get creative when it comes to storing home canned foods and my canning supplies. If this is the ...

Dry Canning: 3 Methods Dry Goods Food Preservation

Photo by Ellen Olsson Miss Google is a wonderful asset to gain knowledge on just about anything. However, she can lead you astray, as I found out the other day. When completing any food-preservation project, it is essential to check multiple websites and ensure that each is a reputable source ...

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