Menu: Spring Farmhouse Dinner

One of spring’s beautiful gifts is the first
harvest. The year’s first greens, herbs and vegetables emerge from the soil,
giving us signs that summer is soon to come. In some parts of the country and
the world, the spring crops are celebrated with a feast showcasing the harvest
and meals prepared solely with those ingredients. Start a new tradition at your
home by hosting a spring farmhouse dinner with recipes featuring the food of
spring. These recipes are light and fresh, and they satisfy the craving for
earthy, homegrown flavors. After a long winter, saying goodbye to heavy dishes
and welcoming garden-fresh recipes is cause for celebration. Pop outside and
gather a few herbs, eggs and vegetables, and welcome the beginning of spring
with this farmhouse dinner menu.

A Spring Farmhouse Dinner Menu

Chicken Thighs With Sautéed Radishes
Published on Mar 29, 2013

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