Untraditional Pie and Cake Recipes

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Photo by Lori Dunn
Bittersweet chocolate adds richness to what would otherwise be a typical pecan pie.

Pie seems to be a widely regarded favorite in the category of desserts; warm filling tucked neatly into a buttery, flaky crust. A slice of cherry or peach is the perfect complement to a summer barbecue, and a dollop of ice cream atop warm apple pie has autumn written all over it. Every once in awhile, though, I like to try a little something different, and that’s where the following recipes come in.

Because of my ridiculous sweet tooth, I’m a big fan of the Beet Chocolate Cake. Any time you can drop some of the sugar from a recipe and substitute some nutritious ingredients in there, that’s alright in my book. Along these same lines, the Elderberry Pie is full of nutrients from the elderberry juice. The juice can be found in health-food stores, but if you made some of your own over the summer, even better.

The nuts in the Walnut Cranberry Pie lend richness while the fresh cranberries add bursts of tartness. And it seems like lemon-flavored anything is often the first to go at any get-together. This Shaker Lemon Pie makes for a delicious light dessert after a heavy holiday meal.

My favorite dessert below is the Griswold Pie, which I grew up on. With a few of his own adjustments from the original recipe, my father would make this pie every Thanksgiving and Christmas. I used to think it was a family recipe, as we are distantly related to the Griswold cast iron creators. Years later, I realized the recipe came from the Griswold Inn in Essex, Connecticut, but I didn’t love it any less. Enjoy your wintertime baking!

Griswold Pie Recipe
Cranberry Walnut Pie Recipe
Shaker Lemon Pie Recipe
Beet Chocolate Cake Recipe
Elderberry Pie Recipe

Flavors from the garden marry perfectly with chocolate for some delicious desserts.

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