Spring-Fresh Menu

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Photo by Karen Keb
Season this leg of lamb with some garlic, mustard, and fresh mint, which will also be delightful with the new potatoes on the side.

Among the season’s many other tantalizing attributes, spring is a herald to long-awaited fresh produce — from fragrant herbs to tender greens — and nowhere is spring produce fresher than straight out of your garden or at your local farmers market. If you’re purchasing from a farmers market, look for stands that sell organic produce. However, don’t forfeit fresh, local food for imported organics from the grocery store. Those juicy, ripe strawberries grown by the farmer whose name you know might make a much better pie than the organic strawberries picked early and shipped in from another country, depending on how high of a priority buying organic is for you.

These recipes showcase the best of early spring produce. Delicate, sweet onions are caramelized into a quiche. Tender greens are tossed lightly with a shallot dressing. A succulent leg of lamb is paired with roasted new potatoes for a hearty main dish. And a creamy, tart rhubarb cake crowns the meal.

Spring Green Salad with Shallot Vinaigrette
Sweet Onion Quiche
Roasted Leg of Lamb Recipe with New Potatoes
Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake

Whip up delectable springtime fare with wild ingredients after you take the family foraging.