Red Corncob Syrup Recipe

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Whether on pancakes or homemade french toast, a drizzle of homemade Red Corncob Syrup Recipe adds just the right touch to your breakfast treat.

Our readers came through with several different types of corncob syrup recipes. Vallee Burruss, Keezletown, Virginia, sends a version for a Red Corncob Syrup Recipe.

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Red Corncob Syrup Recipe

6 red corncobs, washed
3 quarts water
3 pounds brown sugar

In large kettle or stockpot, boil corncobs in water for 1 hour; strain.

Add brown sugar and enough additional water to make 3 quarts. Boil until thick enough or to consistency of maple syrup.

Be sure to select clean cobs, free of mold. Light-colored cobs make lighter syrup, and Vallee says it has a better flavor.

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