Recipe Box: Holiday Candy Recipes

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Cinnamon Pecans are a perfect snack for any holiday gathering. They also make a great gift — just put them in a glass jar and add a colorful ribbon.
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Delightful cherry mash bars are a yearly request.

During my childhood years, Thanksgiving and Christmas were major events at our house. My parents often hosted the holiday dinners that drew relatives from other towns, and at such gatherings, our home was stuffed with people, joy and laughter.

Nowadays, celebrations are a bit more low-key. The children have all grown up, and there are fewer youngsters among the crowd, but we all still enjoy those holiday get-togethers. Looking back, I realize that Mom spent a lot of time on the little touches a good hostess brings to the event.

Her candies and cookies are legendary. For many of us, those treats were the highlight of the day.

My favorite among the candy selections were the chocolate-covered coconut balls that tasted like Mounds candy bars. Although, come to think of it, they weren’t dipped in dark chocolate, which would have been the only thing to make them even more scrumptious.

If one of these recipes is a hit during your holiday events, let us know. Send your notes via email to, and check Help Wanted below to help your fellow Recipe Box readers. Happy holidays from our house to yours!

Favorite Christmas Candies

Cherry Mash Bars Recipe
Chocolate Cashew Clusters
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Candied Cinnamon Pecans Recipe
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Interested in more recipes to add to your holiday menu?Serve Bourbon Fruitcake for Christmas.

Help Wanted

Heather Judnich, Jamestown, California, would like a recipe for a raspberry vinaigrette sauce, a creamy sauce that accompanies boneless, skinless chicken breasts. It is not a salad dressing. She says the recipe calls for frozen raspberries and sour cream. Her mother copied the recipe from a newscast in Sacramento back in the 1990s.

What fruit recipes do you enjoy? Any other recipes for raspberries? What about fruit sauces? Do you have a favorite fruit topping for ice cream?

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Associate Editor Jean Teller is sure she’s not the only one to consider the candy and desserts one of the best – and certainly the most tasty – parts of the holiday season.

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