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Reader Contribution by Cyndi Watson
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I’m always going to be “city” at heart. I don’t set out to change completely something I love. Country people are interesting in their own way. The country makes you more knowledgeable about the weather and its immediate effect on crops and animals. Living among the trees, rolling green fields, wild animals and raising livestock helps you adapt to co-existing better than say a city girl like myself. I can still remember when I experienced my first sultry summer in Kentucky. I learned that in old farmhouses, insects rule as do animals, and I discovered a use for the word critters. In all my life, I never used the word critters – now I had found a valid reason to.

I remember seeing the biggest bumblebees I have ever seen, during the first summer here. I would just hear the humming of a bee or any insect for that matter, and I would jump up swatting and jumping around. If I pretended to be adaptable during my first year, I failed miserably. Four plus years later, I am baking country side dishes, gardening fuller plots of land and swatting a lot less. I think I have adapted. I have maneuvered chicken poo as if it was a landmine on my back patio and around the grassy area of the coop like a pro. I still do not consider myself “country” in any way. I am happy pretending to be a country-fied girl on the outside. I think it’s called: immersing oneself in the culture.

Now, I’m cooking.

Uncle Wilson’s Grilled Onions

2 to 4 white (sweet) onions, skinned and peeled, ready to cut
4 to 6 pieces thick cut bacon
1/2 teaspoon dried rosemary
1 teaspoon coarse natural salt
A baking dish that will fit 2 to 4 med-large sweet onions in it.

Cut the top and base of the onion off. Do not otherwise slice or cut it. Salt the tops slightly, if you wish to keep sodium down, omit. Set aside all the onions once they are done.

Grab the baking dish and line it with a bit of foil.

Set the oven to preheat to 365 F.

Take two pieces of bacon – you may use a thinner cut bacon but the thicker bacon imparts a better flavor and, of course, crispiness in the end.

Wrap the sides of the onions with bacon keeping the tops clear of bacon. (Although wrapping bacon over the top sounds like it would be a great idea too.) Use a toothpick, if needed, to secure the bacon and continue to finish all onions this way.

When all the onions are bacon wrapped with two pieces, pop them into the baking dish. Dust the top of the onions with the dried rosemary and any other seasonings you like.

Bake for 90 minutes, or until softened and translucent.

Once they are finished baking serve right away. This side is great with Grilled – anything.

I tweaked this a bit. Discover the original here.

Cyndi 🙂

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