Bacon Jam

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By Eileen

An Ode To Bacon ….

Things you’ll never hear when bacon is frying:

1. “What’s that smell?”

2.  Oh, something smells good!”

3. “I know that smell, but what is it?”

No, no, and no! When bacon’s robust distinctive loveliness wafts through the house or campground, you can count on the absolute of “I smell bacon!”  There’s no doubt, no debate, just affirmation. That’s why I love it, that’s why I cook it, that’s why I celebrate it.

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Few things in the sensory realm hold such a culinary hierarchy as our beloved cured pig cooking down. Its deserved accolades extend way beyond standing guard over a plate of scrambled eggs!

It decidedly slides over societal lines. If you sport a suit and tie, if you are a coal miner, if you are a super model, the smell will … through its familiarity … knock you off whatever railway or runway you choose to venture.


Photo: Fotolia/Brent Hofacker

Think of a steaming hot bowl of potato soup waning for the perfect accompaniment that’ll whack your tastebuds into infinity with a “knuckle blast from a ruler” slurp! Enter … Bacon Jam. (See the recipe below.)

It’s tagging along with its buddies of cheddar cheese shreds, sour cream and diced scallions. With a dive reminiscent of an Olympic 10, they, along with a crusty baguette, complete this pig introduction to every culinary school’s nightmare. But, you wake up, as do your tastebuds, sublimed!  

Like a long touring rock band, your following proceeds you. That’s how bacon rolls ….

Published on Apr 10, 2015

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