Nothing Like a Donut to Perk Up a Bad Day

Reader Contribution by Connie Moore
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In difficult times it is a quiet moment, a freshly brewed cup of coffee, a bite of sweet that brings on a calmness that carries one through to the next moment or hour.

This turbulent weather in Ohio seems to be indicative of troubled times we live in. There are no newspaper stories, no new statistics, and no local job ads to indicate what the media and leaders would have us believe. Our loved ones can’t find jobs, our own paychecks won’t stretch far enough to touch this side of next payday.

Daily bombarded with dire warnings of what to eat or not to eat and what to avoid in food and beverage packaging, there are just times when one is compelled to turn renegade and head for a donut shop.

Growing up in Clark County, Ohio, the shop of choice for my parents was Schuler’s Bakery in Springfield. A good half hour drive meant shop donuts were more of a treat than a salve for frayed nerves.

Today, just a few minutes away is Ulbrich’s Hometown Bakery in Enon. Those are the stress-reducing donuts of choice. Sweet treats in the shape of circles and holes can also be found at Young’s Jersey Dairy on Route 68 south of Springfield.

Cake donuts are draped in confectioners’ sugar shawls while just below the surface is a crispy, tan crust that melts upon hitting the taste buds. Inside a smooth, creamy cake awaits. Lightweight and not too sweet, they are reminiscent of the old Nickle’s (Dayton, Ohio) yeast-raised donuts sold eight to a cardboard boat. The experience ends with a wet finger slowly dabbing the plate, lifting puffs of stray sugar, making the sweet moment last.

Other soul-soothers are the apple fritters. Thinner than most, these fritters are golden lace with just enough knobs and crevices to catch the clear sugar glaze. Apple pieces speckle the insides. They, too, are lightweight.

Finding something so sweet and innocent that lightens the stress load even for a few moments can be refreshing. Taking pause, one can almost work out a few of the easier problems in life.

Like where to hide the last two donuts until tomorrow’s needed moment.

Photo by Fotolia/jtatumstudios

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