Hardboiled Fresh Eggs

Reader Contribution by Heidi Nawrocki
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We love hardboiled eggs in our family. I tend to get stuck with the yolks while my kids enjoy the whites, but I do what I can to make sure they eat a healthy diet. We are even more thrilled that the eggs come from our flock of backyard hens. We recently “adopted” 10 1-year-old hens from a family that is moving across the country. Since they’ve settled in, they’ve become egg machines. Two days in a row last week, each hen laid an egg every day!

I’ve always read and heard that older eggs make the best hardboiled eggs. And there are so many ways out there that are the “best” for achieving the best hardboiled egg: baking, steaming, and pressure cooking. The list goes on. My mom always told me that a splash of red wine vinegar in the pot would ensure an easy-to-peel hardboiled eggs. I decided to put it to the test last week with day-old eggs.

I cover the eggs with water and add the splash of vinegar. We have an induction range, so I put the power on high to start a rapid boil (in as quick as 90 seconds!) and then drop down to a slow boil. I set a kitchen timer for 10 minutes and go about my business, which is usually breaking up a fight between my 4-year-old son and his 16-month-old sister. He loves to play farm with his tractors, with his machines in a particular order. She, on the other hand, likes to terrorize and mess up his arrangement. Chaos generally ensues.

Where was I? Oh, yes, the timer has gone off. I simply turn the burner off and allow the eggs to come to room temperature. I had no problems peeling the eggs, and the kids gave me their burps of approval!

Do you have a tried and true method for hardboiled eggs? Hop on over to House on the Hill and let me know!

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