Canning Syrup

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By Mary D. Martin | Sep 18, 2015

Funny what we assume. I grew up making a syrup for canning peaches and pears. Then about 30 years ago I learned an easier and more economical way. The way sugar prices keep going up, every drop counts. I thought everyone knew how to make syrup per jar until last week I was visiting with a young friend who was still making syrup. By the batch.

That ended my assumption. I have found that making syrup per jar saves money and is still very effective and efficient. For pears or peaches: put half cup sugar in the bottom of a quart jar. Add about 1 inch of boiling water to the jar (more is too much). Swirl the jar around a few times to sort of dissolve the sugar, then add the fruit. Top the jar off with hot water to proper height.

Seeing full jars on the shelves is as rewarding as it was to watch the first seedlings germinate as the warmth of the yellow sun coaxed them from the ground last spring.


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