Brew Fresh Mint for Iced Herbal Tea in your Coffee Maker

Most culinary herbs have wonderful health benefits of one kind or another.    Adding fresh and dried herbs to your cooking is one way to enjoy the benefits, but another way is to enjoy herbal iced tea this summer.  And it couldn’t be easier to brew a pitcher of tea right in your coffee maker.  Refreshing and delicious, I have been brewing mint tea this summer as an inexpensive and healthy drink.

To Make: Pick a generous handful of fresh mint leaves, rinse them and remove the stems. Place the leaves in a filter in the basket of your coffee maker.  Add water and set to brew just like you’re brewing a pot of coffee.  When the cycle is finished, let cool a bit, add some honey to taste and then refrigerate until chilled.  

Pour into a glass over some ice, garnish with a fresh mint leaf and enjoy!  Your chickens will also enjoy some iced herbal tea in the summer. Mint is an especially good choice because mint naturally lowers body temperatures.  Since mint is such a prolific grower, I have plenty of leaves all summer long, but I don’t limit myself to mint. Pineapple sage, rose petals and lavender also make nice iced teas.

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Published on Jun 22, 2013

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