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For most of my adult life, I have not been inspired to cook, but after I was married, I found my cooking inspiration. My husband was already a good cook, but I did not have much experience. Boiling spaghetti and warming up a jar of sauce was cooking for me. I also loved to make some box mac and cheese on occasion. But really fast food and frozen meals were what I lived on for much of my life. Not long after I was married, I started to become inspired to cook and I started on a fun journey.

Cooking Inspiration from My Husband

The main reason that I started to cook more was that my husband was the only breadwinner. I knew it was only right for me to provide a good meal for him after a long day of work. This change led me on an exciting journey in cooking. Since my husband is a good cook, I wanted to make food that could be comparable to what he would make for me. I no longer used jar spaghetti sauce and instead started to experiment with homemade sauce. It makes me happy to make a meal that my husband loves. It gives me great satisfaction. I also like to use fresh ingredients from our garden.

Cooking Inspiration from the Food Network

Not long after I was married, I started watching cooking shows. The first show that I started to watch regularly was the Food Network show “Chopped.” I was interested in this competition that had four chefs competing to complete a three-course meal. I was intrigued to watch how the competitors used secret ingredients in unique ways. I found more cooking inspiration from this show and eventually started watching other shows. The more I watched, the more inspired I was to experiment with new ingredients and new foods.

Cooking Inspiration from Desire for Healthy Lifestyle

One other thing that inspires me is the desire to live a healthy lifestyle. I have been on a journey for the last couple of years to lose weight and eat healthy. Since I am trying to eat healthier, I find myself experimenting with ways to make vegetables taste better. I also have added things such as lentils, beans and split peas to my diet. I like to find new ways to make these diet staples tasty. It is healthier to prepare dishes at home and so this inspires me to create healthy, but yummy dishes.

There is plenty in my life to provide me with cooking inspiration. I do struggle at times with not wanting to cook. In these times, I am searching more and more for quick and easy meals that are still healthy and tasty.

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