Farmers Market Joys

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The farmers’ market is one of my favorite places to go. Every Sunday we have a date with the die-hard market goers at the Coventry Regional Farmers’ Market! I remember packing up the family and heading to the only place to get the freshest produce and best local products  you could ever find! I now pack up my baked goods and eggs to join the elite group of vendors, an honor to say the least. I am surrounded by the most amazing people I have ever met. They spread their tables with the most gorgeous array of fruits and vegetable’s you will ever see, they offer it to you with a smile and usually at least one way to prepare it.

I am new at the “vendor” side of the market, but the people I join feel more like family than co-workers. I have been blessed with the best neighbors, if I were asked to pick a spot to set-up every week I would without a question pick the exact spot I am in right now. I had come to love and look forward to their produce, I was a regular. We had our routine, coffee at Bean & Leaf, French pastry from La Petite France, and always, always, always something from Abby and Bruce at Bird Song Farm.

You have to get there early because they usually sell out of just about everything; with good reason it’s the best – quality that shows their dedication and love for what they do. I love to see what they have when they start unloading their van each week, it is like a surprise box, each thing they take out is just as good if not better than the last! They are always full of smiles, good conversation and words of encouragement. They are a driving force behind keeping your head up and reminding you to never get discouraged. They are wonderful and are always telling customers about all the wonderful vendors that surround them.

The best part of the market is when I get to trade with them, I offer a pie or some truffle brownie bites and I get the best veggies in return.

From that moment on my mind is turning with ideas for dinner and how I will prepare my little treasures. Will they share the spotlight or will one be the star of the dish; grilled, bakes, sauteed or just they way they are?

You will never go wrong with anything from Bird Song Farm, how could you when you start with something that truly needs nothing!

Another of my absolute favorite people and vendors is Winter from Sleepy Moon Soap. I owe much of my current success to Winter, she is an incredible cheerleader. She will stand behind you from the moment she sees your potential and she will make you see that you CAN do it and do it well. When she sees your “niche,” she has an uncanny way of showing you what you are meant do.

She puts all that and more into her scrumptious line of soaps. They deserve a much better title than just soap, lets call them candy bars for your skin, because you just know that is what your skin is thinking every time you use one of her bars! You can smell the sweet aroma emitted from her booth even before you can see her, you just know when she arrives. When you finally make your choice of bars that will go home with you, after much deliberation because it is nearly impossible to choose.

Once you reach your house you are then faced with the dilemma of which to use first! They are beautiful, almost too beautiful to use.

I had the pleasure of visiting her home, which is one of the most beautiful properties you will ever see, one that just makes you feel all warm and cozy – like home. As you make your way along the stone path up to the front door you are greeted with smells of soap, fresh and clean, they make you smile and so does Winter – every time you see her.

I could not imagine anywhere I would rather be than right where I am at this very moment. I have spent so much time looking for what I have been missing, and I believe I am finding it all. I have these amazing people that have shown me to believe in myself, to stop and see that everything I have been looking for is right here all around me. I love the market and everything that comes along with it. I strongly urge you to make it a tradition to spend your Sundays with all the wonderful people that encompass Coventry Regional Farmers’ Market-ville, it’s a great place to find some really good food and to find your true self!