Collards and Cabbage and Kale, Oh My!

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Kale from the garden is good and good for you.

While it may not officially be fall yet, the passing of Labor Day sure makes it feel like it. Sure, warm weather will linger for a few weeks or months more, but our hearts and minds are now moving on to what comes next – packing away our beach towels and umbrellas, preserving the last of our summer harvests, and planting our seeds for fall. That’s right, now is the perfect time to start setting next season’s garden in motion. Late summer’s heat provides the perfect setting for sprouting seeds, which will flourish as the days get shorter and the temperatures crisper. And there is perhaps no family of vegetable more suited for the fall garden than greens – from the tender and succulent to the dark and hearty, greens of all kinds thrive in autumn. So here are some recipes and other fun facts that will hopefully get you pumped about greens. The possibilities really are endless, especially when you grow your own. Enjoy!  

Not Your Mother’s Salads
Beet Salad With Mâche and Lettuce
Tuscan Kale Chopped Salad
Caesar Salad With Lemon-Grilled Chicken

Beyond Salads
Collard Greens Soup
Classic Coleslaws
Shrimp and Grits With Greens
Asparagus, Mustard Greens and Kale Stir-Fry
Swiss Chard and Ricotta Manicotti

More Great Greens
Planning Your Fall Garden
Tasty Garden Greens
Be Good to Your Body With Greens
Recipes from the Root Cellar

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