One-Block Feast: Guide to Winter Garden Vegetables

Find out which seeds to plant this frosty season with Sunset Magazine’s simple guide to winter garden vegetables, and you can enjoy the decadence of crunchy, vitamin-rich greens during the dead of winter.

| November 2012

Based on the James-Beard-Award-winning One-Block Diet, The One-Block Feast (Ten Speed Press, 2011) is the ultimate guide to eating local. Complete with seasonal garden plans, menus, 100 recipes and 15 food projects, this guide explains how to raise and produce everything needed for totally made-from-scratch meals, all from your own backyard. The following excerpt on winter garden vegetables is taken from “Winter.” 

You can purchase this book from the GRIT store: The One-Block Feast.

Guide to Winter Garden Vegetables

The leafy greens and succulent cruciferous vegetables we raised for our winter menu grow best when air temperatures are cool. Yet they thrive in sunny locations (at least 6 hours of sun per day). Arugula is easy to grow from seeds, while other crops, including lettuce, yield plentifully from nursery plants. If you can, avoid planting in any “frost pockets”—low areas that can get frost earlier than other parts of your garden. Use our winter garden plan as a tool to help you lay out your winter garden vegetables.


Arugula or rocket (roquette in French) has tender, deep green leaves that add a peppery bite to salads. Crops come fast: You can pick baby leaves in as little as 3 weeks. To prolong the harvest, sow in succession every 3 weeks.

Best Site: An open, sunny spot and well-drained soil.

Days to Harvest: 35 days from seed.

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