A Vase of Sugar Snap Peas

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We planted a double row of Oregon Sugar Snap Peas. We love the sweet, crunchy goodness of them in salads, sauces and as snacks. When we thought the plants were finished except for a few which were kept to mature out for next year’s seeds, we took them out of the garden.

The bottom two-thirds of the plants were chopped fine and dug into the melon and squash beds for a raw compost. The top third still had a few blooms so it was brought in for a bouquet. As we put the cuttings in water we discovered two pea pods measuring about an inch long. They seemed to add character to the bouquet. But would they keep growing?

Twenty-four hours later they measured over two inches long. And a third pod was spotted at three-quarter inch long. Three days later the original two pods are now 2-1/2 inches long. Five more pods are hanging in the bouquet. Water and sunlight from the sky windows seem to be all it takes to grow these peas.

What other garden discoveries await us?