Timelapse PlantCam Captures Gardens in a Whole New Light

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Wouldn’t it be great to see your garden grow right before your eyes? With Timelapse PlantCam, you can make a video record of an entire growing season and watch it unfold in a matter of seconds or minutes. Beans will sprout and tulips will bloom right before your eyes.

Ever wonder what kind of wildlife visits your backyard? Just set up a Timelapse PlantCam to take photos every few minutes and you’ll soon have a fascinating video that reveals exactly which critters have paid a visit to your yard.

Whether you are interested in gardening, garden photography or creating your own timelapse movies, the easy-to-use Timelapse PlantCam offers an innovative view of any sequential event. To create a timelapse movie, simply set the camera to take still photos at the desired time interval (every 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.) It will automatically turn on after each interval countdown, take a photo and then return to battery conservation mode. After you are finished taking photos in timelapse mode, simply set the camera to “Convert to Movie” and it does all the work. The timelapse videos make it easy to watch plants grow in “fast forward” and experience an entire growing cycle in seconds.

Timelapse PlantCam takes high resolution (4 megapixel) images for crystal-clear viewing. The camera is very easy to use, and setup takes just three minutes. No tools, additional software or wiring is required. The rugged, weatherproof design makes Timelapse PlantCam sturdy enough for year-round use.

A Timelapse PlantCam makes a fun and entertaining holiday gift at $79. Included are batteries, mounting accessories, and everything needed to create captivating videos suitable for sharing on YouTube and other websites. Speaking of YouTube, you can view a great Timelapse PlantCam video below.

For additional information or to purchase a Timelapse PlantCam, visit www.wingscapes.com.