Turnstile Gate for Livestock Pastures

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No-latch rotary gate lets people walk through without stopping.

‘Revolving Door’ Rotary Gate

“You can walk right through our new rotary gate without stopping, but horses and cattle can’t get through,” says inventor Cloyce Henderson about his “no-latch, revolving door” rotary gate.

The 4-foot-wide gate comes with four steel “wings” and is designed to revolve in either direction on a center-mounted, 11⁄4-inch-diameter galvanized metal post. To install the gate, just set a steel post in concrete and then slide the gate, which is equipped with a 2-inch-diameter pipe at the center, down over the post.

“Animals may try to go through it, but most of them give up quickly,” says Henderson. “As the animal starts to go through the gate, the next wing comes around and hits it in the ribs or alongside the neck, and it backs off.

“It’s really handy, especially for anyone who goes through a gate several times a day,” says Henderson.

“I built the first one two years ago for my son, and then built another for myself. My son has a 50-cow ranch, and his children raise and show 4-H animals. They use the gate several times a day. I have a hobby farm with three show steers that we feed daily, so I use the gate every day, which saves a lot of time. So far no animal has successfully gotten through the gate.” Henderson says he’s nearing retirement age and has stopped building the gate until his grandson decides whether or not he wants to take over the company. He uses recycled pipe to save money.

For more information, contact Cloyce at cloyce@century link.net.

Published on Dec 8, 2015

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