Slow Down You're Mowing Too Fast

My husband and I split the farm chores for the most part, and mowing is no different. We have a large front yard dotted with fruit trees and crepe myrtles and its a two person job to keep it looking good.

I do all the ‘hard labor’ and use the push mower to mow the ditch by the road and under the trees where the riding mower can’t go, while my husband rides in comfort on his John Deere with a cold beverage in the cup holder and his ear buds playing his favorite music.  But I digress….

Have I mentioned that I hate mowing and that I do all the manual labor ?  Okay, to be fair, my part only takes about twenty minutes while my husband’s takes three hours, but still…mowing is not a chore I enjoy and I always put my head down and rush to get it done as quickly as possible.  That is until this past weekend.  

I was mowing under one of our apple trees and happened to look up to see a beautiful cluster of apples silhouetted against a blue sky dotted with billowing clouds.

So I started looking up and around, instead of down, and was amazed at what I saw.  Another tree yielded more apples, some even beginning to ripen.

 Our pear tree had also started to bear miniature pears.

And there were plums ripening on yet another tree.

 Most exciting…one of the apple trees was also playing host to a nest filled with blue and brown speckled eggs and one hungry baby bird!

 Looking across the road, I admired the field of orange lilies…

so much so that I quickly abandoned the lawn mower and crossed the road to take a photo from the other angle looking towards our house. 

I also took the time to stop and admire the flowers growing around the base of the trees.

Last weekend the mowing took me twice as long as it normally does, but you know what ? I actually enjoyed it.  And I can’t wait until this weekend to check on the baby bird and the apples, plums and pears.  

 My husband can keep his ear buds and cup holder and riding lawnmower, I’ll do the manual labor any day!

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Published on Jun 5, 2012

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