Pausing To Reflect and Enjoy

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Amid the stress and frustrations of maintaining a homestead in this neck of the woods and trying to make it productive, it’s easy to get so caught up in the work that I forget one of the main reasons I came here — to live in a quiet, secluded setting with the beauty of nature all around.

The other day, though, I was just relaxed enough to pause and take in the scene, and it struck me what a beautiful place this is — especially in the glow of a mild October afternoon. So I had to snap a few photos to share.

Some flowers remain in my fall garden, while an orange cat completes the color scheme:

Heading back to the house, I’m arrested by the view from my back porch:

An added delight was coming across this tiny tree frog — maybe a half inch long — in one of my asparagus beds, clinging to the top of a trellis: