How to Plant a Garden …

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… one seed at a time!

HAHAHAHAHAHAH. Sometimes I even make myself laugh. How to plant a garden is a DIY that is explored in newspapers, magazines and on blogs year after year after year. I have realized that there is no tried and true way of planting a garden. Sure you need good soil, you need a bit of compost, you need seeds, you need a water source and few other things. You especially need desire and ambition. But what you DON’T need is a set of directions composed by anyone other than yourself.

As Pan and I looked over the garden this past week we compared our space with our garden plan and a few extra seeds we had gotten courtesy of Tina Wilson from Small Town Living. I remember thinking early Saturday morning as the sun was already overhead and the temperature was climbing as the Action 2 weatherman said it would, “How can anyone really tell me how to plant a garden; especially this garden. No one else has walked this part of Earth. They haven’t touched this dirt. This year we’re just going to do what feels right to us.” And so we did.

Earlier in the week I came home to see a garden plot of the freshest, darkest, most beautiful soil I had seen in a long time. Pan had spent the whole day literally sifting the dirt we hauled home from the county landfill. Now this dirt was dumped already being beautifully composted, rich soil. But it comes with some trash and a lot of sticks and rubble. But for Pan 504 square feet of junky looking garden was not her idea of a good start. So she literally used hardware cloth to sift the dirt and leave behind nothing more than the freshest, most clean topsoil we could ask for.

Even now as I sit here writing her efforts amaze me. I could absolutely take a lesson in her dedication and her ambition. But back to Saturday … (keep reading for the rest of our garden story).