How To Freeze Raspberries

Having just moved to our new farm in December 2011, we
weren’t sure what surprises would be revealed as the snow melted. We were happy
to discover in this sweltering heat of July, however, that we’ve got raspberries!

 We love raspberries and generally turn them into jam, but
with as bountiful as our patch has been, we can’t keep up with processing them.
So what do we do?

 We freeze the berries!

 Here’s how to freeze raspberries:

 Gently wash your berries. Remove stems, sticks, grass, bugs
and other foreign objects.

 Carefully set the berries on a tray covered with a paper

 Gently pat the water from them with a second paper towel.

 Place the pat-dried raspberries in a single layer on a cookie sheet…

 …and place the cookie sheet in the freezer at least four hours. When the berries are completely frozen, you
can measure them into quart sized freezer bags and stick
them back in the freezer.

 These berries are perfect for recipes, delayed canning, or
just snacking! Enjoy!

You can read more about my new farm adventures at  A Farmish Kind of Life.

Published on Jul 5, 2012

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