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By Kate Copsey | Oct 22, 2012

The past month has been busy with two trips to New Jersey to find a home and one house in Ohio to get onto the market. The selling part is just a matter of getting rid of clutter and cleaning, then keeping it almost ready for someone to see most of the time – living in a house that is perfect for showing at a minutes notice is not practicle so I don’t even try to do that!

Buying was a little easier but tedious anyway even thought the internet makes life a lot simpler there are still some things that didn’t quite work – 2 acres in the middle of a city doesn’t count as rural, neither does having a lovely rural road leading to a potential house only to find out that the regional dirt bike/speedway track was right next door and active at least when we were there!!

After those two ‘thank you but no’ I took to looking at the potential listings on Realtor.com to see a little more closely what was around. The site has got alot more on it in the last decade and you can not only choose to have 2 acreas minimum (or 5 or 10) but you have a tab to include farms and ranches which helped to include some more rural options. We also found out that taxes are reduced if you are a farm, which is catagorized by keeping chickens! I wonder how many poor chickens are adopted by people wanting to reduce the tax bill but have no idea how to keep chickens. That said, I am tempted to try my hand at keeping some so that we can have fresh eggs as wel as fresh vegetables.

I was also heartened to see some of the fields being labelled as ‘Preserved Farmland’. WIth the number of cornfields being turned into dense housing, this is at least one way to maintain some local farming in the community. This was something else I looked for when we had fine tuned the options – with urban creep just a few miles away and new toll road accesses being built, I didn’t want to buy somewhere quiet only to find that a new develppment springing up across the road, and on both sides of me!

So this is the week we hope to get a contract sorted and then I will have a timeline for moving – hopefully in time to put some bulbs into the ground, even if I have missed the boat as far a fall veggies.

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