Rosemary Refresher

Reader Contribution by Lee Ann
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Rosemary is a multi-use, common herb that is easy to grow in your own garden. Not only does it grow well in most soils, it can do well in either part shade or full sun. Another plus with Rosemary is that it grows year round and will also produce beautiful blue-lavender flowers several times a year. Rosemary can be propagated by placing cuttings of the newest stems in a jar of water, then planting as soon as roots start to form. Most Rosemary bushes will continue to grow and produce for many years. Providing both cooking and medicinal benefits, Rosemary is an herb you will want to grow on your homestead.

Whether you use it fresh, or harvest and dry the leaves, Rosemary (buy dried Rosemary here) is a delicious herb for seasoning chicken and fish. It is also a great additive for bread, and provides a great perk to any Italian seasoned tomato sauce. A handful of fresh Rosemary leaves thrown into a fresh veggie saute will add a delicious spark to your meal.

As a medicinal herb Rosemary will help with digestive problems such as heartburn and intestinal gas. Rosemary is also used for reducing headaches, high blood pressure and age related memory loss. It can also assist with toothaches, as a wound healer, and as an insect repellent.

In your apothecary, Rosemary Essential Oil (buy it here) is used to scent soaps and lotions, and can be used as a fresh fragrance for candles.

For recipes to use Rosemary, visit our blogs on Mixed Squash Saute (just add some Rosemary!), Simple Soap, throw a little dried Rosemary in your dough for French Bread, or 30 Minute Rolls, and add Rosemary Essential Oil to your Heal All Salve.

Have fun with Rosemary and you will find that you reach for it often around the homestead!


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