Chamomile for Burns and Churns

Reader Contribution by Lee Ann
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Do you ever get “butterflies” when you are nervous or upset, causing your tummy to flip around like a butter churn? And do you ever accidentally touch a hot pan, burner, or the oven when you are cooking? Then you may want to look into the benefits of Chamomile.

You can easily find Chamomile in tea form at your local store, but for a more useful version it can be purchased online by clicking here. The most readily available form is the German Chamomile, or Matricaria recutita L., and it is generally purchased as flowers. These dried flowers can be used to make teas, tinctures, salves and creams, and potpourris. The teas are wonderful to sip when you are feeling anxious or have that upset stomach, and the salves and creams are perfect for helping to soothe a burn or irritated skin. I actually keep a small jar of used chamomile flowers in my fridge and just press a few of them on my skin whenever I get a kitchen burn. This takes the heat out right away!

If you aren’t familiar with Chamomile, it is a good place to start your herbal medicine cabinet. Try some today!

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