Will It or Won’t It?

I had to remove a small, maybe 4- or 5-inch sprout from near the base of the trunk of my potted lemon tree. After I removed it, it was so green and straight, it seemed to present a challenge to me … trying to root it. So, while the cut end was still fresh, I trimmed most of the little leaves off except for near the top, then placed the cutting into a small pot with fresh potting soil.

After giving it a good drink, I brought it inside and set it on the counter top, near a window to see how it goes. Earlier this year I seemed to be having good luck with another cutting I took from the tree, but later lost it due to my own mistakes.

Now, if this tree takes, do I really need another potted lemon tree? No, not really. But if it does take, it will probably be nice to have 2 trees as there really are so many uses for lemons. Especially the meyer lemon, as this tree is. But whether it takes or not, it is fun to give it another try.

Published on Oct 15, 2013

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