Forcing Bulbs

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I found myself already looking ahead to spring as a hint of winter blew into Calgary earlier this week on icy, snow-filled winds. I had just planted my spring-flowering bulbs and corms into the garden (muscari, several types of crocus, miniature daffodils, and alliums) and had saved over some of the crocus corms for forcing indoors. Crocus require several months of pre-chilling before they are ready to bloom, so I quickly potted them up, gave them a good watering, and popped them in the fridge, where they’ll stay for the next three months or so. I will take them out about once a week to give them a drink, but otherwise, they won’t need any care until I remove them in February or early March and give them some sunshine and warmth.

Do you force bulbs indoors for late-winter blooms?