Farm Update

Reader Contribution by Anna Wight
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I thought I would share a few tidbits from the farm, and catch you up on what’s been going on. We’ve had a VERY busy spring, and keeping up on all the farm chores, our “regular day jobs”, and every day routines leaves little time for anything else. But we love it, and welcome each new day. We’ve got five kittens on the farm, old enough now that they’ve started bravely exploring the area around the storage/feed shed they live under.

Oddly enough, the females are the friendliest of the bunch. Usually, it’s the boys. When they’re old enough, they’ll visit the vet for a little snippity snip, and come back to the farm and take up residence in the barn.

The garden is growing, and just starting to produce edibles. We enjoyed our first picking of green beans on Friday, and we enjoyed our first zucchini on Saturday! We’ve got more zucchini ready for picking, as well as a patty pan squash, and a handful of beans. The cucumber vines are LOADED with flowers, but 99% of them seem to be male flowers. Hopefully the female flowers will be along soon. The tomatoes are doing well, and I’m starting to see a few hints of red!

The rattlesnake pole beans planted around the hackberry limb tee-pee trellis we built have sprouted! I can’t wait to see the trellis filled with bean vines!

The Thumbelina Zinnias were the first flowers to bloom, and their bright cheery faces are a wonderful thing to see! I look forward to more zinnias, and lots of sunflowers, too!

In other critter news, we are patiently waiting for our red Dexter cow, Lucy, to deliver her 2011 calf. Come on, Lucy! We’re READY when you are!! Looks like she’d rather be out in the pasture with the herd, but we’ve got her in the barnyard where she can deliver her baby under our watchful eye.

The other calves have all been weaned, and are enjoying the good life. Dexters for Sale, Dexters for Sale!

We’ve got a few new chicks on the farm, too! I snapped this photo yesterday afternoon while making rounds with the camera. Looks like a great way to travel, when your legs are short!

The hens are enjoying daytime free-ranging. Lots and LOTS of bugs to eat! Lots and LOTS of yummy eggs to produce!

We continue to count our blessings on the farm, and hope you and your families enjoyed this Memorial Day weekend.  June is upon us, and it looks like summer is here to stay for a while.

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