This Weekend on the Farm: Part 1

Reader Contribution by April Freeman
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The Man of the House isn’t a full-time farmer. Most of his days, he spends at an off-site job, so many of our big chores are done on Saturdays.

The day-to-day stuff I take care of. Feeding chickens, filling water troughs, milking cows, spraying fruit trees, weeding the garden, checking the cattle for illness and signs of heat, watching laboring cows and assisting in births … those are my jobs.

But those big “projects” that take many hours or days and sometimes weeks to complete … those are done on Saturdays.

This Saturday was a project day. While most of the time, projects are mostly done by The Man with my assistance and that of the kids, this past weekend, we had some help. We’re fencing a new field – 10 acres – and it’s a pretty big job. We also have a time limit, since part of the work involves a government grant with the Soil Conservation Service in our area.

Fencing with one man, a mechanically impaired wife, a balky teenage girl, and three young kids goes pretty slowly. Especially when part of the fence-line runs through a wooded area that must be cleared. Therefore, The Man used part of our income tax return to pay for some help.

I love it when he has help. Like I said … I’m mechanically impaired. Some things I am really good at. Building stuff and repairing stuff are not what I am good at. We learned a long time ago that I am better at contributing to these projects in other ways, if at all possible. Ways like cooking big, farmhand-sized meals, picking up supplies at the co-op, and making sure that the workers have plenty of drinks in the field.

This Saturday, I was able to help in a way that I am naturally good at. I helped out in ways that my husband actually appreciated, rather than making him frustrated.

I love it.

He loves it.

And the money that we spent on our help?

It’s cheaper than a divorce, right?

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