Natural Stainless Steel Cleaner

Reader Contribution by Heidi Nawrocki
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I began making my own household cleaners a few years ago. Some vinegar and baking soda can usually solve anything. Now that we have two kids around, I like to be sure that anything they might happen to get a hold of is safe for little hands.

But, speaking of little hands … when we built our house, we chose stainless steel appliances. We like the look they give to our kitchen. And when they shine, they shine! I had a difficult time finding a natural stainless cleaner I liked. I ended up using an off-the-shelf cleaner from the grocery store, but felt like I had to scrub my hands after cleaning, and I didn’t care for the chemical smell.

Enter essential oils! I’ve found essential oils can be useful for a variety of uses, and they have found a permanent place in my family’s arsenal of natural products to stat healthy. When I cut my hand this winter with a butter knife (lame, I know …), lavender oil helped cut down on my pain. Melaleuca (tea tree) oil is great for acne. And my new favorite oil is lemon! 

I read a lot on uses for oils. When I ran across a tip that said to use a little olive and lemon oil on a rag to clean stainless appliances, I had to try it. I was skeptical. I mean, olive oil?! But it worked! And my kitchen smells so fresh when I’m done! 

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