DIY Three-Wheeled Wheelbarrow

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Three wheels make this wheelbarrow a handy tool to have around the farm.
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Three wheels keeps this wheelbarrow balanced on uneven ground.

You can make a wheelbarrow much more stable and increase its hauling capacity by converting it from one wheel to three, says Billy Gilbert, Apex, North Carolina.

He added two matching wheels to the front of his wheelbarrow. He replaced the wheelbarrow’s original axle with a longer length of steel rod. He also cut up some hard electrical conduit for spacers over the rod to separate the wheels.

“It lets me move heavy loads around my farm or yard with less effort than handling a one-wheeled load,” says Gilbert. “By leveraging the load onto three wheels there’s less chance of tipping.”

“I’m amazed at how well it handles. If one of the wheels rolls over a hole, the wheelbarrow will just keep on going without tipping.”

Gilbert says he originally intended to add just one wheel to make a two-wheeled wheelbarrow, but then found another wheel about the same size. “I figured that if two wheels is good, then three has to be better. The three wheels all have heavy-duty wheel bearings and grease ­fittings.”

Reprinted with permission from FARM SHOW Magazine.

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