DIY Mini Wreaths (On the Cheap!)

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It’s that time of year, y’all — the holiday season! Now that we are no longer stuffed from our Thanksgiving turkey and mashed potatoes, we can start thinking about holiday gifts, decorations and more. I don’t know what your holiday decorating theme is, but mine is “cheap.” OK, we can say it in a nicer way … ”Budget-friendly.” And what better way to stay within your budget than to make your own decorations with what you can forage in and around your farm or homestead?

The items you will need for this little craft are: greenery (foraged for free), twine to make the decorative bow (or you can use any ribbon you have on hand; the point here is to make this cost effective!), snips, and green floral wire. The floral wire you will probably have to buy, but I found mine very cheap at the craft store — and by cheap, I mean the spool in the photos was $1.99 and I found a 50% off coupon online, making it about $1.00.

1. To start, snip your choice of greenery to your desired length. I used boxwood here because I like the color and shape of the leaves. Remember, however long you cut your branch will determine the size of the circle that forms your wreath. For the size of wreath I created here you would want a snip about 6 inches long.

2. Take one snip and form the circle for your wreath. Where the ends come together, use your floral wire and wrap a strand of it around the ends several times. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect, or if the wire stands out — we will be covering it with ribbon so no one will know!

3. Once you have your ends wired together and your wreath formed, grab your ribbon or twine. Simply make a bow over the area where you have wired your ends together. It is that easy! You’re done!

You can do so many things with these cute little wreaths. I used mine as decorations on a brown paper gift bag; you could make them into hanging decorations by adding another loop of ribbon at the top, or you could even hot-glue them to the top of a mason jar as part of another homemade, thrifty, gift idea. Or make several and turn them into a garland or fireplace display.

This is my year of the “handmade holiday,” so look for more ideas from me soon!