Cheap DIY Projects for the Bathroom

Do you dream of having a luxurious spa-like bathroom but lack the funds for a complete remodel? Luckily for you, there are a few easy, cheap, and quick ways to transform your current bathroom into the luscious oasis of your dreams. Just pick your color scheme, grab a few simple tools, and head to the bathroom for the most inexpensive-yet-comprehensive bathroom DIY ever. 

Replace the Old Mirror 

Replacing the old mirror is an easy and cheap way to offer the whole bathroom a new look. Choose a mirror that looks nice with your new color pattern and decide whether you’d like an ornate one or a simplistic one. Ornate mirrors work best in traditional or olden-style rooms, while modern looks call for a simple design with a modest or absent frame. Measure the area you have to hang the mirror before you buy to assure it will fit and look nice. 

Paint an Accent Wall 

Even the smallest bathrooms can sport a trendy accent wall to add visual interest. Choose the wall you would like to display prominently, such as the wall behind the vanity. Paint this wall in a contrasting color to the rest of the bathroom. For instance, try a bright yellow wall with a green bathroom or a purple wall with a white bathroom. Pick colors that enhance your mood or help you relax, whichever emotion you’d like to evoke during your bath or shower time. Morning showers are more invigorating amidst bright orange or yellow walls, while evening baths are more relaxing cuddled in blue or green walls. 

Paint the Vinyl Flooring 

It’s not necessary to replace the vinyl flooring in order to get a whole new look for the bathroom. Use a quality primer over the existing vinyl flooring, paint it with the color(s) you choose, and seal the paint with several coats of polyurethane. You can even embellish the floor with designs such as tile, stone, stencil or a checkered pattern.

If you’re using bold designs on the floor, it’s best to keep the walls simple, so the room doesn’t get too busy. However, if you select a simple pattern, you can use it on the floor as well as the walls for a unique look. Try creating an ivy wonderland or a tropical jungle in your bathroom, if you dare. 

Make Your Own Custom Shower Curtain 

Custom shower curtains cost hundreds of dollars, but you can get the same thing by making one yourself. Measure the shower curtain rod and double that measurement. Then add two inches per side (left to right) and five inches top to bottom. This gives you the amount of fabric you need to buy.

Hem the fabric by 1 inch on the left and right sides, and along the bottom. Fold down 2 inches along the top and use it to make a loop to thread the shower curtain rod through. Voilà! You have a custom-made shower curtain for just a few bucks. 

Replace Old Hardware 

Replacing the hinges, knobs, and handles on the vanity (not to mention the towel racks) are some more quick bathroom makeovers to consider. You can then match the new hardware to the new look or theme of your bathroom. When shopping for towel racks, consider one that will accommodate oversized bath towels like the ones used in spas.

Then you can truly create a spa-like experience in your bathroom. Remove the old hardware before painting and put the new hardware in after painting, so you don’t damage the new paint with the installation

Create Your Own Framed Prints for the Walls 

Beautiful framed prints are also costly, but you can make your own with cheap frames and pictures from calendars, old magazines, or books. Look for frames and magazines at the thrift store or garage sales. Cheap frames are also available at the dollar store. If you like, create a set of framed prints for each season of the year so you can change them up frequently and not get tired of them as quickly. 

Now there is only one thing left to do: fill the tub, light some candles, add your favorite bubble bath, and enjoy your new creation! 

Published on Dec 12, 2013

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