Building a Home Library and Killing an Alien Vine

Reader Contribution by Nebraska Dave
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I just knew that these cooler temperatures wouldn’t last. The forecasters have predicted that the 90s will return soon. Today is the first day of a string of 90 degree days.

This week I tackled a couple of tasks. One was the beginning of a library room in my house. I have lots of books that I’ve accumulated over the years of life. The last couple years I’ve switched over to the digital format, which will be much easier to manage.

This is a few of the books that I have moved into the library. I’ll be sorting through the stack and keeping some, giving away some, and throwing away the rest. I’ve already thrown away many old computer books from 20 years ago. Well, actually I recycled them.

It’s just a plain simple desk with a chrome book for technology. It’s the beginning of claiming my house back to me. This room used to be my grandson’s bedroom when he lived at my house for nine years. Now that he and his mom have moved into their own apartment, I am making use of this room for my library and study room. It still has a ways to go but it’s a good beginning.

Every year I have the invasion of the alien vine that I swear came to earth on a rock from space and landed in my side yard to sprout and take over the world. Every year I have good intentions of keeping it under control before it gets out of hand and every year about this time I have to deal with the mess because of my procrastination.

It covers the side of the house, it covers the ground, and it tries to grab anything that walks by. It’s the toughest, nastiest, most persistent growth that I have ever encountered. It takes a branch cutter, an ax, a mattock, and even a sawsall to do combat with this tangled mess. It took the better part of a day to untangle and root out this mess.

As the sun slowly sets on the western horizon, the path has once again been cleared to the backyard. Armed with a pint of brush and stump killer, the day ends with a crawl along the ground painting stumps with a hopeful cure to the alien weed from outer space.

After a day of bush hogging, a load of brush was made ready to take to the brush recycle tomorrow. It’s been a good day. A nice shower, a hot meal, and a bit of computer time will make for a good night’s sleep.

Are there any noxious weed stories to tell out there? I’d like to hear about your battle for the good of all mankind with overly aggressive plants.

Keep your hoe sharp and your mattock handy. Let your garden be familiar with your shadow and feel your footsteps. Until the next time be safe and let the harvesting begin.

— Nebraska Dave

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