December Lettuce

Reader Contribution by Connie Moore
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It is Sunday, December 20, 2015. It has been a year of odd weather and odd gardening happenings here at the Moore home. Today is the latest and most interesting for me. I planted lettuce seeds in the garden today.

Having never done this late planting and having no one to turn to for advice because no one that we know of has ever planted in the ground in December, we are in an adventure as my late mother would call it. And frankly, she would have been tickled to help me. She loved to try all things when it came to gardening.

So my little patch of seeds today are dedicated to memory of Mom and all things green and wonderful on this earth.

We’ve had cold snaps but no hard freeze so the ground is still soft and wet. We were especially inspired to find that our late summer lettuce crop had left some roots behind. There is already the beginning of a bowl of salad.

Weather forecasts call for mild temperatures and rain. If that pattern can hold on for two weeks, the Simpson’s Curled Green lettuce and the Red Salad Bowl variety will surely sprout and grow. Could we really gather lettuce for salad in January?

If you have ever defied all odds and common sense, planting crops in the middle of winter, let me know. I would love to hear success stories and tips for having a good outcome to our adventure. Contact us at

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