Grind Your Own Cornmeal

Reader Contribution by Heather Jackson
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You may recall that we grew our own dent corn this year. It turned out absolutely beautifully. We had to pick the corn before it completely dried on the stalks because we were worried that it would mold with the amount of rain we had this summer. Well, now that we are confident that the corn is 100% dry, we are finally able to begin grinding it for use!

We are just using our Vitamix blender for this job. You can get a special dry goods container for it, but we haven’t gone there yet. The standard container has worked for our purposes so far. Grinding corn in the blender really couldn’t be easier. You just put in 1-2 cups of corn and give it a good whirl! So far, however, we haven’t had much luck at sifting out grits. Perhaps the Vitamix does too good of a job at grinding! This fresh cornmeal makes the best, lightest cornbread I have ever tasted though! I’m really amazed and it really only adds about 3 minutes onto your prep time!



So you didn’t grow your own dent corn this year? Well never fear! If you have a Vitamix or a grain mill, you can make your own fresh cornmeal from popcorn as well! You can buy great quality organic popcorn inexpensively, and grind it fresh whenever you need cornmeal. That way you have it on hand for popping too. It’s win-win!


So do you grow dent corn or grind your own cornmeal?  


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