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Heidi Burrows
The Burrows home at Heidi's Happy Acre Farm in Norridgewock, Maine.

Do you dream of your own homestead? From last
year’s Homesteaders of the Year come six inspiring stories of those who have
made the change and are loving every minute of it. Thomas, writing in his A
Homesteading Grimoire blog, calls homesteading a lifestyle, and Meg wants her
children to know where their food comes from and how to enjoy the homesteading
life. The Homestead Redhead finds her lifestyle fulfilling and full of purpose,
and believes you would too. Shana relates how her good country neighbors helped
out during an equine emergency, and a Good Old Days letter allows you to catch
a glimpse of the festivities surrounding an old-fashioned husking bee. Bring
home fresh produce from the farmers’ market for these 11 great recipes. Check
out GRIT’s LIVE brooder webcam to
watch the roaming hatchlings this week, and read Hank’s tips for transplanting
seedlings before you watch the gardening episode of TOUGH GRIT.

Choose Homesteading Today

A few inspiring homesteaders, from last year’s competition.

Homesteading is a lifestyle, says Thomas.

Meg wants her children to know about food and homesteading.

The Homestead Redhead finds the lifestyle fulfilling.

Good country neighbors are a blessing.

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