No Bake Cookie Recipes

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No Bake Cookies and a couple of the ingredients with which they are made.
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Some of the easiest cookies to prepare, no bake cookies are a childhood favorite that combine chocolate, oats and sometimes even peanut butter. Below are two reader-submitted no bake cookie recipes that both call for rolled oats. These are a good ol’, rural American favorite.

J. Harman, Holyoke, Massachusetts, is looking for no-bake cookie recipes, that call for rolled oats refrigeration. Mary Bruzelius, Hilo, Hawaii, sends the first version – which sounds delicious – and Bettye Stacy, Lexington, Kentucky, sends the second, a version that includes peanut butter.

No Bake Chocolate Cookies Recipe
No Bake Cookies With Peanut Butter Recipe

Mary Bruzelius, Hilo, Hawaii, sends this version, which sounds delicious.