Holiday Food Recipes

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Lori Dunn
Lithuanian Potato Pudding, or Kugeli, is a traditional treat.

Holiday menus are made of memories. For my family, candy and cookies from Mom’s deep well of terrific recipes, a roast turkey with a ham on the side, sage dressing (lots of sage, please), Aunt Mary Ethel’s oysters-corn casserole, Aunt Mary Kaye’s spicy pickles (great on leftover turkey sandwiches) and pumpkin pie, of course, are all on the memory-made menu.

Fantastic Holiday Food Recipes

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Nothing too out of the ordinary for us over the holidays. We do have a few food traditions that go with our English heritage – roast beef and Yorkshire pudding come to mind – but overall, our food traditions are plain old meat-and-potatoes style.

Whatever your ethnic or regional traditions, keep them going, even if a particular dish isn’t your favorite. Future generations will thank you.

Recipe Box is all about traditions, as the recipe roll this issue shows.

A Lithuanian favorite, kugeli just might be something to add to that meat-and-potatoes recipe file my family keeps. I’m definitely going to try the sweet potato dish; I’m not fond of candied sweet potatoes so this recipe might be a nice compromise. The apple stack cake sounds delicious, and I’m a big fan of tea cakes (they go great with my family’s English tea habit), so I will be sure to add these recipes to my collection.

Add to your family’s holiday traditions with a few new ones, and watch the smiles appear around the dinner table. Enjoy!